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About Us

Management, Business Model and History

About Us

PINTSCH BUBENZER is focused on the design, production and service of high quality braking systems for both static and dynamic applications which involve the precise control of small to very large amounts of kinetic energy. The challenge is to control that energy in the most efficient, cost-efficient way.

In the sectors of port, shipbuilding and offshore engineering, utilization of wind, the steel industry and mining, PINTSCH BUBENZER is a world leader in braking system design and manufacturing, with safety built into every product.


Established in Dec.2008, PINTSCH BUBENZER Industrial Brakes (Shenyang)CO.,Ltd. is professional trader that is concerned with technical supporting and after service of industrial brakes. We have over 26 employees (6 in after service) locate in Shanghai, Qingdao, Guangzhou and Shenyang. The highly motivated team do service for our customer in port, vessel, steel mill, wind power and mining … boast an annual sales figure that exceeds more than 4 million EURO in 2018.

History of 3 Branches:

Nov. 2011, Shanghai Branch is founded.
Jan. 2014, QingDao Branch is founded.
Jan. 2019, Guangzhou Branch is founded

Business model

We supply safety-relevant components for the avoidance of accidents and for the protection of human life.

Our company therefore subscribes to the following guiding principles:

  • Our customers are at the center of our activities.
  • Quality of an exacting standard and customer-oriented action are basic aspects of our company philosophy.
  • Our aim is to be the world leader in the development and production of industrial braking systems.
  • On the basis of our long years of experience, we possess a vast amount of know-how which we are constantly increasing in the interests of innovation.
  • We elaborate individual solutions for the requirements of our customers.
  • Through training and instructional measures, we are continuously investing in the expertise of our team which represents our capital for meeting the constantly changing requirements of the market.
  • Quality manufacturing demands manufacture to advanced technical standards.
  • Comprehensive service ensures that our customers around the world are satisfied with us.
  • Deliveries must be on time. Enquiries, quotes, complaints are to be dealt with in depth. Promises must always be kept.
  • Every member of the company contributes at his or her workplace to the attainment of quality targets and to the satisfaction of our customers. It is therefore essential that flawless work is carried out on every level of our company. If a risk in regard to quality is identified, every person is obliged to deal with it within his area of responsibility or to inform his superior.
  • The quality of our products is also influenced by the quality of our suppliers. The attainment of our quality targets must therefore also be the declared aim of our suppliers.
  • The attainment of our quality targets is a major management task. The quality of the work of our staff is of special importance.
  • Our quality guidelines are binding.

Quality and Environment

Brakes from PINTSCH BUBENZER are “Made in Germany”.
At our production location in Kirchen-Wehbach our properly qualified employees, most of whom have been with us for many years, pay close attention to the maintenance of our own high quality standards and those of our suppliers. We are particularly proud of our apprenticeship program which transfers knowledge and workmanship standards to new, young employees.

The quality management of the company is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Our production, installation, quality assurance, warehousing and forwarding departments are fitted out with technically modern equipment and organized in accordance with the latest ergonomic and operational-logistics standards. For surface finishing we have our own paintshops.

With our modern, efficient manufacturing facilities, we are able to offer a complete standard line of brake products at competitive prices and with the PINTSCH BUBENZER high standard of quality. This quality standard also applies to custom-made solutions for our customers world-wide.

Service & Support

The Commitment you need now and for the Future

Conveniently located at Flemington, NJ, PINTSCH BUBENZER USA LLC offers you a full spectrum of world-class services that embrace everything from initial commissioning, right through to after sales services and training.

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